Big Game

Horned Animals

Axis Deer – Argentina is a premier hunting destination due to the free-range population of axis deer. This species of deer is distinguished by its white spotted upper bodies and tan fur. Axis deer can be hunted throughout the year, however, the prime season is from October through April. Our Estancias are surrounded by highly forested areas where the deer nest. Guests may also bow hunt for these and all other trophies.

Blackbuck Antelope – One of the fastest animals in the world, the blackbuck antelope is an agile target. They have long, ringed horns which can grow over 30 inches in length. They live in grassy plains and lightly forested area in herds of 5 to 50. Males have dark, black and white hair and females are tan in color.

Water Buffalo – The immense amount of forests and marshes within Argentina provide an ideal habitat for water buffalo, making it one of the top destinations in the world for hunting. These wild buffalo inhabit the Parana River Delta swamps and surrounding areas. The bulls average over 2,000 pounds and can be very dangerous. Typically, guests will hunt via four wheelers, horses or on foot.

Red Stag – Argentina red stag, also known as red deer, are one of the largest deer species in the world. The red stag is considered Argentina’s most prized big game trophy. Originally, brought from central Europe, they are now thriving in the mountains of the Andes as well as other low-land parts of the country. The males live separate from the females until March, when the rutting season begins.

Wild Boar and Capybara

Wild Boar – At Estancia Puerto Buey there is a considerable population of wild boar. This nocturnal animal usually lives in groups of up to 20, with males staying separate but near their pack. Hunts for wild boar typically begin at dusk; however, it is possible to hunt during the day.

They are fast moving and agile creatures; they can also be aggressive if confronted. Males have tusks on the upper and lower jaw and can reach sizes of 250-300 pounds. At Puerto Buey there are 12 hunting blinds strategically placed in areas where the boars are most active. Guides are equipped with thermal night vision and all of the latest technology needed to bag a trophy boar.

Capybara – A native species of South America, these semi-aquatic animals can be found throughout Argentina. They can weigh over 140-pounds and present a challenging target. Most live in groups of 10-20 and have heightened hearing. They were historically hunted for their leather skins, meat and to make fragrances. Guests will usually see capybara while hunting for other big game animals. Combining hunts for various species can easily be arranged.

At Riverland Outfitters, all of our big game is free range and can be hunted year-round at Estancia Puerto Buey or Posada del Muelle Lodge. Please contact us to learn more about the programs and packages offered.

Evening hunt for Wild Boar on the farms of Estancia Puerto Buey.