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Riverland Outfitters is the culmination of Sergio Winitzky’s life-time work. A hunting guide since 1985, Sergio has spent decades professionally guiding hunters and fisherman from all over the world on unforgettable experiences in Argentina, Peru and Africa.

We have had the pleasure of guiding such distinguish hunters as Craig Boddington, Mark Andreasen and Tom Miranda. Riverland Outfitters invites you to join us for the sporting expedition of your dreams.

Sergio comes from a long line of outdoorsmen; his father was the first person to bring a fly rod and reel into the country of Peru and developed the sport locally. Sergio spent three years alongside his brothers filming and producing a documentary on the jungles of Peru entitled Candamo.” This documentary furthered the country’s efforts to preserve the natural wonders of the Peruvian jungle.

Puerto Buey was built as a family vacation home, offering friends and neighbors a chance to hunt and fish while enjoying the outdoors and nature. We have expanded our lodge to host people from all over the world who once thought a hunting expedition in Argentina was only a dream.

At Riverland Outfitters, we pride ourselves on hospitality, customer service and incredible outdoor expeditions. If you share our passion for the outdoors, come and experience all that Riverland Outfitters has to offer.

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