Fishing Corrientes Province

Posted February 19, 2020

During the hotter months summer, in December through March, when the Piraná River gets low and muddy in Entre Rios Province, our head fishing guide Luiz travels to the Upper Piraná River in the Province of Corrientes. Here the water is clearer and you can find some truly monster sized fish. We recently hosted some longtime friends and clients on an incredible fishing excursion.

We landed trophy sized dorados; the first day Sergio and Nego both hooked into a large dorado at the same time. Nego’s was over 105 cm in length. Later in the day, in the deeper part of the river, Nego had a huge bite. After 10 minutes of fighting it, and no appearance, we had a strong feeling it was a surubi. After another 25-30 minutes of reeling, we saw the dorsal fin of this monster. We got out of the boat into waist deep water to capture some pictures of this giant, before releasing it back into the river.

After a long day of fishing, we retired to the lodge to prepare for a traditional Argentina Asado. Every fisherman from this trip landed a personal best dorado. What an incredible trip. We are fortunate to have such amazing guides and staff that have the ability to fish the best waters and the right times of year. Our friends then chose to fly into Puerto Iguazu and spend a few days at the waterfalls. Due to its proximity to Corrientes, this makes a great add-on to any fishing or hunting excursion. The Iguazu Waterfalls are the largest in the world and can be enjoyed from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of the river. Contact us to learn about all our fishing destinations and programs.

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